Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ship Talk: #Olicity

This episode, yo. THIS EPISODE, YO.

Ugh, it gave me such a beautiful dream just to take it all away *weeps* I knew they were going to do it, but, DAMN, it was such a lovely scene.

And when he said, "I love you" the way his face and eyes and expression changes into what I called his 'Felicity's Oliver' face, it was so....GAH. I had to squee silently because it's the middle of the night and everyone else is sleeping including my kitten I don't want to wake him up because it was hard enough to get him to sleep. 

(Here is a picture of a sleeping Boo)

My reason for shipping them isn't just insane chemistry, it's because the Oliver who is with Felicity is good and honorable, it is the best version of himself. And he respects her, he cares for her, he's soft and gentle for her and most of all, he smiles for her. And not the way he smiles at general (if he actually did smile) but he has this special look on his face when he's with her, when he speaks to her and I LOVE that. I SHIP that. 

They have a very unique relationship, a true partnership where he listens to her when he doesn't listen to anyone else, where she encourages him to stand up for what he believes, remind him of said principles. She believes that he can be the man that he wants to be and because of her faith in him, he becomes that man. She is there to talk him off of a ledge, and there to smack his face with reality. She cares for him but she also dishes out the hard truth.

Like Oliver said, Felicity isn't a sidekick, she's his partner.

And that's why I ship my babies.

He has no baggage with her like he does with his other women, no history. There is no guilt, or pain, or misunderstanding. There is only respect and truth and trust and now affection. This is Oliver's clean slate, this is his second chance. 

And that is why I ship my babies.

ThIs video by iForeverYooung

This is why I ship my babies. 

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