Friday, October 16, 2015


*sigh* First time posting since forever and it's a rant.

Anyway, here goes.

I have been seeing memes and hipster pictures of admonishments and chastisements against girls wearing 'fashionable' hijabs--they're saying that a hijab is about maintaining modesty and not about attracting attention. 
Now, I have questions about this issue, 1st of all, what kind of fashionable hijabs are we talking about? 
Something like this?
Or this?

2nd, are they actually doing their job of covering what they should? 
3rd, did this issue come from a hijab-wearing woman/girl or from a man?

If the hijab is covering up what it should, then I don't see a problem with it being fashionable. And by fashionable I mean being pretty or stylize or riddled with frou-frou or whatever. And I don't think that girls are wearing fashionable hijabs to attract attention, that's just the end result.

(As if boys or men need any reason to look at girls)

Clothes, including the hijab, isn't just cloth covering up our body, for me it's a statement, it's a way to express myself or my mood, it's a creative outlet. So, if the girls/women want to wear something fashionable, let them.

Let's just look at this logically. A hijab isn't easy to wear. Sure there are some that's pretty much pullovers but the 'fashionable' hijabs? Those are made of large squares or rectangle shaped cloth that girls swirl, circle, knot, pin, beat to submission in order to achieve the perfect style that compliments their face or their muslim attire. Those hijabs are complicated and intricate pieces of art. People take tutorials and courses to achieve this. 
Like this one:
And these girls do this very thing every day
Why? Because they want to look good. 
For who? For themselves
Because believe it or not, guys, women don't dress for you (unless you are our significant other and unless we intend to ensnare you into our webs),  we dress how we want because we feel good in it. It's already hard enough for girls to feel comfortable with their own body considering the over-sexualized and over- fetishized world we live in (and if you think that girls in hijabs aren't fetishized you are wrong), when we like the way we look, when we feel good about ourselves, we feel confident. And confidence is a very good thing. People, especially girls deserve to feel good about themselves. Deserve to feel confident. And if wearing fashionable hijabs makes them feel better about themselves, so be it. 
  (oh look, her hijab doesn't cover the protrusion of her breasts. WHORE. *shakes fist* I want the dress though, pretty.)
Besides, do you know how hard it is for girls to wear hijabs? The obstacles alone range from peer pressure, what they see in the media, people's perception, to simply living in our tropical country? They cover their hair, their arms and body and legs, do you know how trying that is, to feel smothered by that much heat? When my sisters come home from school and take off their hijabs they are soaking in sweat.
But these girls wear it because they have faith, because they believe in covering their modesty, they believe in following God's words. So now they want to look pretty while they do that and you can't stand it? You think it attracts to much attention? Whose attention? Your attention? Men's attention? Pffft. Please.

I don't think this is a religious issue. I think it is a social one. I think this is the age-old problem where women are blamed for distracting men who can't seem to help themselves, and who can't show a bit of restraint. But of course it is the women who should take the blame and the shame. 
Oh, these hijab wearing hussies, how dare that they want to look pretty while wearing a hijab, look at them covering up their hair and bodies, flaunting their shape like that. And wearing heels under their long skirts that cover up their legs. FOR SHAME!!
Look pal, if you consider a girl in a hijab (who is covered from head to toe) is distracting you and trying to get your attention, or a girl in a hijab (who is still covered from head to toe) needs to cover up more so she wouldn't attract attention then YOU have a problem.

Go seek help and leave the girls alone.

Haaaa, ladies? You feeling me?

*drops mic*

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