Sunday, March 31, 2013

Relevant Video of the Day

This is me after every Cassandra Clare book, especially Clockwork Prince, and also Sarah Rees Brennan's Untold and Maureen Johnson's the Madness Underneath. Those unholy three causes this. Their books need disclaimers.

Just without the bottle of Jack Daniels.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Those moments

You know those moments, when you realize that you've passed a milestone from childhood to adulthood?

People experience those moments in different ways. For me, it's when I outgrow a book. When rereading a book, a passage or a scene that had seemed so big and wondrous for me suddenly seemed ordinary. Or when that really wonderful thing happened, when I suddenly understood something that years before I didn't, that a phrase that didn't mean anything suddenly did. That I could relate to something I couldn't before.

That for me is a sign that, yes, I have experienced things, have lived through events in my life that added to and made me to who I am now and because of it, I could understand this book, this character like I couldn't before.

Those moments makes me sad and wistful but also bittersweetly happy. 

The Wolf Series: Song of the Day

The Wolf Series: Song of the Day: Kai to Lei Passenger-Let Her Go Well, you see her when you fall asleep But never to touch and never to keep 'Cause you...


Am half-way through this. So far so good. Am loving the cover and the idea behind the story. I mean come on, a ghost hunter and a ghost? You can't get more star-crossed than that. I'm glad I found out this book now because the second book is already out and I have it!

Fateless: Character: Arjuna

Fateless: Character: Arjuna: Arjuna was once a slave, in fact he was bought by the Temple of the One God at the slave market. His owner treated him badly and Safia requ...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fateless: Snippet

Fateless: Snippet: "You are without magic and battle-skills and yet you're here in my tent. A woman alone shouldn't be so trusting." ...


Publisher sent me the ebook copy today for me to proof. I skimmed through the pdf copy and found several mistakes in both layout and typo. Will have to do an in depth correction later on.

But still, SO HAPPY.

They add some decoration and little touches that's appealing, but have to change some information and fix what needs to be fix.

I'm kind of worried about the epub version. From the epub readers software that I have, it's still kind of messy. In some readers it couldn't be read. UGH.

Have sent these issues to publisher in hopes of fixing it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Publisher texted that they might be able to send me the ebook copy of Touched: The Sword TODAY!!!

Fateless: Character: Sayid

Fateless: Character: Sayid: Sayid is a desert pirate, he is in fact, the leader of the one of the most notorious desert pirate of all, the Dark Blade desert pirates....

Fateless: Fateless is about...

Fateless: Fateless is about...: So, I'm going to enter Camp NaNoWriMo in April. If you don't know, NaNoWriMo is a crazy event where people all around the world tr...

Books: Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices #3: Clockwork Princess

Am starting Clockwork Princess. Pray for me. 

Mood Journal Day...whatever.

Still have no clue where I put my bag. I'm not too worried because I know--AHA, my sister finally got out of her room, sheepishly carrying my bag. I KNEW IT. I asked her twice whether my bag was in her room but she said no out of laziness. BOO.

Anyhoo, I think it was yesterday that editor texted that she thinks that my layout process of my book is finally finished. Maybe. She hasn't given me any confirmation, yet.

Anyway, hey, I have a dreamcast for you. Safia Leharmua from my story Fateless!

Anyway, we have only one kitten left, I'm calling her Solo because, well, for obvious reasons. Her eyes are currently swollen though and I'm worried about that.

And mama-cat has the flu.

And I am...well, I'm fine actually.

I do need to loose some weight, my feet are killing me.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

...this is embarassing, but I've forgotten where I put my bag. Did I leave it in the car?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mood Journal Day...uh

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a friend. This is the same friend that I've mentioned before, the musician, the one who has known me for a very long time.

Our relationship is very interesting in the way that we've known each other since childhood. But unlike most people who were childhood friends, we had a 'break' for a couple of years and reconnected when we were both a little more jaded, harder, wary of...I want to say relationships but that's not really the correct word, I guess I should just say of people in general.

Now for those who don't have childhood friends, let me explain to you how it feels to have one: childhood friends are like time travelling machines, you can be 100 years old but once you see them, you are 6, 10, 14, 17 years old again. They are a part of you, they are what makes you, they are yours and you are theirs in a way that a child will call a toy theirs and only theirs. And for better or worse, you can't stop feeling like that child you were when you are with them. 

--because of the 'break' we had, we see each other, at least I do as before and after. I still remember the boy who grew up with me...but meeting him again, I see a different side to him; the man. So, it's like meeting this person who is a familiar stranger, if you know what I mean.

Now he has a wife and kid.

I'm still single and yes, no kid (do pets count?).

But surprisingly we're still walking on the same path; trying to make our dreams come true and trying to overcome the problems and consequences that comes from doing that.

Anyway, I was talking to him about this song that I could seriously relate to. A song that pretty much conveys what I feel when I sit down with my friends who are successful in their jobs, making big bucks, having their own families...people who are living lives in a completely different way from me.

A life, that I know, is just not for me.

Usually, when I say this, my friends get all in my face, either sympathetic, disbelief, or in pity. It pisses me off, of course.

But then, this friend, this old friend pointed out some things that make me think. He is good for that. Sometimes, we serve as either a trashcan or a sounding board for each other.

And then he said something, said that I taught him how to look at both sides of the argument.

And that made me feel good, that I, being myself, taught him something that he actually applied to his life--and mine. That I had a part of making him to the person that he is now; someone who is smart, generous, conscientious, caring and insightful.

This is why you need to surround yourself with good people, 'cause when you are down, they will remind you of the good in you.

That when you can't see the good qualities in yourself, you will find it in your friends.

Derrick Brown-A Finger, Two Dots, then Me

How from this, becomes this.

Then this. 

How all three makes me want to cry.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Wolf Series: Song of the Day

The Wolf Series: Song of the Day: At first listen, I thought this song was for Leah, my character in Touched (the word Creator jumped at me) but then the sound of it were mo...

Myers Briggs Test

Did a personality test.

Apparently, I am INFP type. 

Introverted Feeling personality types are usually gentle and kind, they are intense and passionate about their values and deeply held beliefs, which they share with trusted friends. Because of their discreet manner, their enthusiasm may not be apparent. They are sensitive to others' pain, restlessness or general discomfort and strive to find happiness, balance and wholeness for themselves in order to help others find joy, satisfaction and plenitude. They are deeply empathetic.
They live life in an intently personal fashion, acting on the belief that each person is unique and that social norms are to be respected only if they do not hinder personal development or expression. They strive to adhere to their own high personal moral standards and are particularly sensitive to inconsistencies in their environment between what is being said and what is being done. Empty promises of adhering to something they value – such as environmental causes or human rights - set off an inner alarm and they may transform themselves into modern day Joan of Arcs.
They are quietly persistent in raising awareness of cherished causes and often fight for the underdog in quiet or not-so-quiet ways. In a team, they will raise issues of integrity, authenticity, and good or bad, and may to opt out if the team refuses to address the questions raised.
They are usually tolerant and open-minded, insightful, flexible and understanding. They live for the understanding of others and feel deeply grateful when someone takes the time to get to know them personally. They have good listening skills, are genuinely concerned, insightful, and usually avid readers. At their best, they inspire others to be themselves.

I laughed at the social norms are to be respected only if they do not hinder personal development or expression. They strive to adhere to their own high personal moral standards....HA, SO VERY TRUE.

Song of the Day: Josh Groban's Higher Window

How perfect we were meant to be
Our warm and silent symmetry
It's times like these when all 
All we need is to be reminded
And I have flown a thousand miles
To empty rooms and crowded aisles
And we went from cathedral bells
To show and tell and wish you wells

And I still look at you
And I am blinded.
I am blinded

I love this song because it tells a story about missed opportunities.


So, watched Jack the Giant Slayer yesterday with my sisters
…and it was good. Surprisingly good. I didn’t really expect much from it but really, I enjoyed it.

Not to say that I didn’t have something to gripe about it. I can’t say anything about the CGI and etc because I have no knowledge of it, but I can talk about the plot.

Mainly, the plot about the princess. The thing is, it was emphasized that the princess wants an adventure, she wants to do something other than just being a princess, she wants to learn about her people, she wants to be seen as capable and not a delicate princess by her father. 

And that’s cool.

But then, it seems that all she got to do, is being saved. 

After, the writers and other characters (elmond and the other guard) said that she was capable (and she was when she was at the Giant’s territory, I understood why she didn’t go down but go up, and she marked her passage so she wouldn’t get lost, smarts, right there) but then…nothing. 

When the Giants finally destroyed the gates at almost end, I was SERIOUSLY HOPING that the one who wore the crown would be her, that she would finally showed (sure, by way of magic crown) her father, It would have been such a great moment for her.

I understand WHY Jack’s the one who wore the crown, but at the very least, give us a short second where Jack, understanding her, would give her the crown, but she refused and gave it to him, maybe in a sneaky thought that there was no way her father could refuse their hero as her lawfully wedded husband. AT LEAST THERE WOULD BE SOMETHING.

After all the “she is capable, she is strong”, at the end she is a princess who ran away from home, got caught by giants, rescued over and over again and married the GIANT SLAYER.

There, that would be it.

I mean I was kind of psyched with the scene where Jack said she looked beautiful when she was wearing armor. ARMOR and not some smansy dress, but even then the armor is a matching armor of her fathers. It was GOLD, and not a scratch on it, as if it was an accessory. 

I just wanted her to be MORE. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mood Journal

General Mood: At the time I'm writing this? Annoyed

When you live in a house full of people, it's usually always the little things that irritates. My pet peeve of all time is food.

Don't you hate it when you go out, buy food or groceries or a delicacy or just something that you want, you put it in a freezer and then when you come back and intend to eat you find...IT'S GONE!!

Seriously, when that happens to me, I just see red.

It's not about the money (though yes, that plays a part) it's about the time spent.

You have to understand, in my current situation, I don't get to go out a lot, and that's fine. Mainly, it's because of transportation a.k.a I don't have one. When I was in Yogya I can take a cab or walk or a bus, but here, nope.

Now, my siblings have a car and motorcycles and they go out all the time. BUT THEY DON'T BRING FOOD TO THE HOUSE. They either eat outside or whatever.

I'm the only one who actually buy stuff like groceries and crap to bring home (for me to enjoy because I spend my time at home) but my things always get used up by the very people who has the time and the medium to go outside and buy it themselves.

I mean, why do they have to take what's mine? MINE!!! Can't they accept that concept? There are things that are YOURS and things that are MINE. KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELVES.

It's not like I don't share, but, hell, when they just take it without asking...ARGH!!! And when they do take, it's like 2/3 of the portion. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dreamwalkers: Art from Chin Cheng Low

Dreamwalkers: Art from Chin Cheng Low: The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen Medea with her glasses her books and her music. Sen, the traditionalist, the steady...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Wolf Series: New covers, new art and banner.

The Wolf Series: New covers, new art and banner.: Got myself a shiny new cover for Book Three and story banner made by the awesome Stacey K Wall.  And an awesome drawing b...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mood Journal: Day. Um. Something

I am sick. Again.

And man, today, the weather is very, very hot.

I hate heat.

That is all.