Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Wolf Series: The Wolf Series Novella

The Wolf Series: The Wolf Series Novella: Connor fidgeted in his seat and told himself not to worry. After all, every kid who had their First Change was called into the Elder's ...

Dear Friends,

"We're too old to surround ourselves with bad energy." was what I told a friend of mine who was having trouble with his friend.

And though I still maintain that thought, I wondered whether I was too callous.

When we were kids we practically did everything to get and keep a friend. We want people to like us and want to be with us and often times we do stupid things because of it. Peer pressure after all is a result of a strong desire to fit in.

But as we grow older, we tend to get more choosier about who we surround ourselves with, I guess it's because we know now that not all type of friendships are good eventhough they start that way. We already met enough people to know the kind of person who are good for us and vice versa. 

Me, I like to befriend people who are individuals in their own right, people who do not cling and have a life of their own outside the friendship so I can hibernate in peace when I need to. 

My friends are usually blunt so we tend to not have any miscommunication, who are opened to deep thoughts and silliness at the same time, and, I am fortunate in my friends, generous with themselves (their time and affection).

Maybe it's because of that, that surety that I have because I know who my friends are, and  am secure in their friendship and my relationship with my friends that I can practically say to my friend 'cut them out of your life if all they bring is trouble".

It might be cold, it might be harsh, but you only live once and that life is short. Having bad people around you or people who make you feel bad makes it even shorter.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dear Life

Hm...haven't been here in a while.

I just moved from one office to another and this office that I am in now has more privacy than the last one. Not to mention, I have more free time here.

Which is awesome.

And Meda has become the sacrifice since I took her space upstairs and she took mine downstairs.

Ha. Sorry, kid.

I've been...not great health-wise, other than that, I'm pretty good.

I'm sleeping well and eating well which is...

I haven't been writing though. And I haven't been dreaming either. Not that I can remember that is. There's always that sense that I did dream but the memory of it quickly disappears.

Meda and I haven't killed each other yet even though we live day in and day out with each other, there were friction as expected but we ignore it and move on.

I really need more time to write.

News on publishing, I've asked about the pre-order option but no news about that.

Man, publishing books take forever.