Friday, May 30, 2014

#BookTalk: Jim Butcher's Dresden Files #15 Skin Game (HEAVY SPOILERS)

Seriously, if you don't read the Dresden Files I am judging you. 

Heavy spoilers is hidden. 

Read it in one day (of course), to be honest, when it came to Jim Butcher, his books immediately made me push every other book on my TBR list way back. No matter what other book I have down the line, Jim Butcher's is the book I pick up.

So when Skin Game came out, I was practically salivating for it. I think I dreamed about it one time or another. 

Anyway, Harry force in the 'verse can stop me from reading this book. Except death, but you get what I mean. 

First though I need to say, PARKOUR! LOL. That will never get old. 

I'm just imagining Harry running all over Demonreach and shouting Parkour like a bigass three year old. That's one of the reasons why I love Harry, he's this really powerful wizard but he's also a spaz and not afraid to show it...I think Murphy said something of the same note. 

Back to the book. Nicodemus is at it again, and called upon Mab to let him borrow Dresden for a job. Mab agreed so Harry had to work with Nicodemus.

Bad idea all around right?

Nicodemus being Nicodemus of course has something up his sleeve so Harry had to figure what that is and also somehow sabotage whatever Nicodemus wanted to do without getting dead. 

I like that this book centers on Harry's almost supernatural ability to get out of deals. It's not really honorable of him, but since he's dealing with either the Sidhe or bad people, I'm okay with that. I can appreciate the bendiness of Harry's mind.

And we get to read Micheal in action again, which is awesome. One of the things I like about Jim Butcher is that he can write a character like Micheal who is devout in his belief without being preachy and sanctimonious. In fact, I feel assured in Micheal's belief of God, and that he's okay with people questioning God and that he admits that he doesn't have all the answers but he believes that God acts with love. 

I'm not a religious person but Micheal makes me want to believe and that's kind of awesome. 

We didn't get to see Thomas but we get mentions of him. 

We get lots of Murphy (YEY) and how do I adore the progress in their relationship and there was this scene in the book where Murphy got hurt bad and Harry was questioned on why he wasn't as angry as he should have (considering Harry has a dangerous level of white knight syndrome) but Harry seemed to only be as angry as if Micheal was hurt, and Harry answered he was angry but Murphy was warrior in her own right and he respected her strength. I SERIOUSLY dig that. That he treated Murphy as an equal. That he trusted her to deal with all the supernatural crap when she's not even close to supernatural. 

BTW, WE ALL DO CRAZY THINGS FOR LOVE. That scene, THAT SCENE. When the sword broke, I practically screamed. 

AND THAT OTHER SCENE, with the bed. I KNEW it was a dream but HOLY SHIT.


That was some twisted and funny shit, right there. 

Butters. I was so sad for Butters' doubt about Harry but how epic is Butters becoming? And I love that Bob and him are like this great partnership. I'm kind of wondering how Butter is changing Bob though. He was different when he was with Justin, and different when he was with Harry, I'm wondering how working with Butter changes him. 

We see more of how destroying the Red Court resulted in the Supernatural world of Chicago and the world, how there's so much power to grab and every supernatural groups are furiously claiming theirs. 

We also get Molly, trying to do her best as a Winter Lady, but she's dealing with the same thing with Harry and I think she's less aware of how her powers can change her. Harry has people to point at him and question him and doubt him but Molly keeps everything close to her chest and she's isolated. Sure she has her family but she hasn't told them yet so--

Maggie, and Mouse and the Carpenters. SO CUTE. 

I teared up and sobbed in a lot of places, I mean, full-on sob and tears. And I felt pity for Nicodemus at one point. DAMN YOU, BUTCHER FOR CREATING SUCH CHARACTERS!



And Harry and Murphy at the end!!!!!

And now of course, I'm gonna imagine Maggie and her own talking skull ( also, her half-sister) which is really awesome. 

...I think that's all my exhausted brain can think about right now.