Monday, October 29, 2012

Updates of NaNo's Novel

*sigh* I changed the trilogy title again.. From The Three Kingdoms, to The Three Cities, to the Three Kingdoms again. Anyway, compiled a few images into background ideas about the Kingdoms!! Enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Since I'm getting ready for NaNo I thought I'll answer some questions from readers, simultaneously doing an analysis of my characters so far.

Q:  Why are your MCs Asians or half Asian?

A: Um, probably because I'm Asian?

Q: Don't you think that Leah and Lei are frighteningly similar?

A: Huh. Actually, this has never occurred to me because to me the differences between them are pretty clear cut. Leah, my character from Touched is damaged by the disappearance of her mother and her part in causing that. She's spent her life containing herself, practicing self-disciplined and controlling her every reaction and her feelings. She does her very best to not attract attention, ever. Leah doesn't have a social life, she rarely goes out and more often spends her time trapped inside her home out of necessity. Outside of her family and Gabe, she doesn't have a social life. Leah is very prickly, very cynical, and no matter how much she tries to control her emotions, she is very honest with it; she gets angry when she's angry, and sad when she gets sad and tends to be very explosive with expressing her feelings. She handles violence in a very practical way and it is possible that her morals are somewhat skewed. 

There's not a lot of things in her life that she can control, even her own body, so Leah is very strict with herself and in her martial arts training. 

Lei much from WATD has a happy childhood, especially once she met the Lyall boys. She has a quick wit and has this steadiness to her that people gravitates to. She is ever polite and watchful and careful. She's also loyal and protective. Family and Pack is everything to her and she would do anything to protect it. She has a straight view of justice and right or wrong when it comes to her friends and family and Pack Protocal but when it is about herself, Lei is pretty chaotic and careless.

Her artistic bent often makes Lei the observer in every situation she was in, and raised under the tutelage of her mother, and the Alpha Pair, she can also get very cagey and manipulative although it is not in her nature. 

As the only human in a wolf pack, she has her insecurities, but she handles them pretty well. She is fairly tolerant but is able to easily adapt to every situation that comes her way. 

When Leah often fights her way to acceptance, Lei bends naturally....just as long as she could see an advantage in there somewhere. When Leah often mouths off, Lei watches and listens. When Leah uses her fist, Lei uses her words and her delicate looks. 

Both of them are intelligent and strong and fighters, but they have different strengths to them. 

Q: Why do your female MCs always knows martial arts? Do you equate their ability to kick ass to strength?

A: My MCs know martial arts because I LOVE martials, because I want my characters, being in constant danger, to be smart enough to learn some skills in order to protect themselves.

But both Leah and Lei has very different views about martial arts. For Leah,  it is her way of having control, to vent her anger and to fight the feeling of helplessness that often washes over her. It is also her way of bonding with her family and with Gabe. For her martial arts is power and a way of life. It's a mental thing for her.

For Lei, at first martial arts is just something that she had to do, it was the condition that Cana and Caleb gave, if she wanted to hang out with her, she should know how to defend herself. Then as she grew up and learn the way of the blade from Cana, she begins to like it, it was something between her and Cana, something that she could do alone, something that sets her apart from the boys. Something that gave her confidence because she was good at it. 

But, that's pretty much it. 

Update on The Three Cities dreamcast

Finally added to the dreamcast, this time it's the lead male character: Arista Dasciano.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WATD news

FINALLY DONE WITH EDITING AND REVISING MY JUNE NANO. With a total of 136.084 words and 502 pages.

Okay NaNoWriMo, what you got? #WATD

Sunday, October 21, 2012

WATD Songmix: A Heart That Can't Be Broken Is Not Worth Anything

Here's a SongMix that I've made for #WATD. It's a two parter and this is the first one. I picked certain lyrics that fit a certain scene in the book and inserted youtube videos of said song. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012


To repay my readers for their awesomeness. I give a snippet from the last chapters of WATD, a revealing dialog between The Lycaon and Kai.

Don't say that I never do anything for you readers!!!!


Hi ya folks. Good news!!! Agreement for Touched is almost done so, we can start on the publishing (thank God). And I am also almost done with with editing and reviewing WATD; was going to write only 2 chapters for the ending but then decided on 3, then hey, decided to just merge 2 chapters into one so ended up with 2 chapters for the ending yet again.

I plan to add more angst for the last chapter especially the part where Kai and Lei says goodbye. I know, all of you are going to hate me.

Anyway, have updated the dreamcast on WATD, and will later on add more to the dreamcast.

Still undecided about how the plot is going to go for Guardians of Volk, but am excited to do it for NaNo!!! Wish me luck!!!!

Have been experiencing vertigo lately, my blood pressure must be crashing down, down, down. Am also fixing sleeping habits.

My corner of Indonesia has been so hot and buggy lately, so I get sweaty a lot and when I sweat, I often get itchy and my skin gets rashes and not to mention my allergies act up.

At least it rained today, so I'm hoping that it would clear up some of the damp heat. Urgh. Still means that I shower three times a day though. Ha. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Background ideas for The Three Cities series

Found some artwork in deviantart that fits with some of what I imagined of the three cities to look like, and some background for the first book: Guardians of Volk!

You can read all about it here!!!


I was re-reading WATD before I revise and edit and at the end, at a scene where Lei and Kai talked this song played out of the speakers and ooof, it got me right at the heart. Especially when Jason Reeves and Chelsea Lee harmonizes "Baby, I'm letting you go."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blogs Moved

This is my laziness talking, since I'm starting a new story for NaNoWriMo; The Three Cities Series, and it is my habit to upload a chapter into a blog, I realized, hell, why so many blogs when I can just put it in one? Duh.

So, this is my attempt on being more organized. I can sense the impending migraine a month away. Wish me luck!!

To those who wonder why I name this blog Inside MadHatter's Hat, well, I often call the inside of my head as my very own Wonderland where I skip-a-long inside my very own world not unlike Alice...but I relate more to Mad Hatter than the blond, blue eyed girl. *shrug*